About Me


Abi Ajibola

Abi Ajibola started studying medicine and surgery at the University of Lagos, Nigeria. She later went on to study at University of Sheffield and Cranfield University in UK.

Abi went further to obtain a certification in Master Herbalism and became a Herbal Doctor in 2019 also obtained certification in Organic skincare and Aging & Dry skin.

Abi founded Bymz Herbs and Beauty in 2019 based on passion, love and enthusiasm towards making herbal a habit.

Naturally, Abi has a passion for Organic products, alternative medicine and overall well-being.

Abi is also the CEO of wellness World group founded 2018, which has grown organically with members from different works of life, age groups and every part of the world. This group has helped a lot of people to change their unhealthy life style and embraced total wellness.

At Bymz Herbs and Beauty we are committed to giving our customers the best possible experience and supplying only the best organic quality herbs and skincare products.

Our mission is to supply all natural and organic herbs and skincare products beneficial for all skin types, hand crafted and non toxic. All our products do not contain any fragrance oil or toxic ingredients like phthalates and parabens.